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EMAIL-COVER kits make it possible to repair enamel damages on single- and double wall glasslined vessels with and without wall breakthrough of the standards BE, CE and E. The enamelled steel plates are fastened to the wall without any bolt seals inside the reactor. On stock are COVERs in the sizes Ø 150mm up to 300mm, formed to all diameters of the cylindrical vessel wall and bottom.   download


Repair sleeve for DN 150 central bottom outlet nozzle   download

Is an enamelled bottom outlet nozzle size DN 150 damaged on the inside neck or flange face, it can be repaired by the EC repair sleeve. The sleeve is made ​​of steel and covered with solid PTFE. The mounting is simple, insert the sleeve from inside and screw it up from outside - no drilling and welding work is necessary. The new bottom outlet has the size DN 100.

Optional we offer the sleeve in hastelloy or tantalum.

insert, screw up

PTFE Reperatur Schürze     ... it's done !  

PTFE Repair Sleeve DN 150

EC-Sleeve DN 150 in Hastelloy


Repair - reactor nozzle

Enamelled damages are repaired by closing the defect nozzle. Therefor the EMAIL- COVER plate is pulled from inside the reactor in front of the damaged nozzle. The fixing bolts are laying inside the nozzle.


Here are some solutions:



Behälterstutzen ReparaturEC nozzle repair with one central fixing bolt M18. Closed was a defect DN 50 nozzle at an enameled storage tank.







Behälterstutzen Reparatur

EC repair set for nozzle DN 150 on a standard E 8000 reactor. 8 fixing bolts M18 through the defect nozzel.








Behälterstutzen ReparaturSpecial repair of an enamelled DN 250 nozzle with a tantalum plated COVER. Delivery time of this special COVER was only 10 working days.


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Pharma+Food - Februar 2008

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