Sampling cock for fixed volume

type EC INS-S


  • deadspace free because in the product flow
  • sampling extracting with a single movement
  • fitted on a DN 50 flange or T-pipe
  • fixed sample volume 45ml
  • construction material SS and PTFE


 Optional equipment:


  • protection cabinet
  • pneumatic actuator
  • special materials available

suspension sampling

EC Sampling Cock

Sampling - right for suspension download

type EC INS-PS or EC FVS


The fixed volume 230 ml is isolated by turning the operation handle about 180°. In the end position of the 180° operation movement the sample volume flows out into the bottle.

In the base position the product flows through the pre-chamber of the sampling cock. The sample is extracted with a single operation. During the process of sampling the product inlet and outlet are closed first in order to pre-chamber the sample volume. Now you can open the outlet and the purge by turning the handle to the end position. The sample volume is filled into the sampling bottle and ready for further handling. The sampling bottle is located in a protective cabinet.

suspension sampling

Bypass - Fixed Volume Sampler

EC Compress Sampler for high viscous paste

High viscous paste is taken by two cooperating pistons. The two pistons are shifted first parallel and then against each other. Thereby the sample volume is defined, transported and delivered completely out into the sampling bottle.


EC Compress SamplerEC Compress Sampler


EC Compress Sampler

Further sampling valves can be provided by our partner F. Barthel Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG