Enamelled top reactor sampling system  

The glasslined sampling system has the same achieved ideal conditions regarding material, temperature and pressure like the enamelled reactor. It is right for suspensions too. The sampling system is installed on the top of the dip pipe.


There are two ways for installing


the "flow through" or the "by side" design.    download

Top reactor sampling

Top reactor sampler with fixed volume  


The top reactor fixed volume sampler is installed on the dip pipe of the reactor.

If nessesary first the sample cylinder and the dip pipe can be purged with nitrogen gas into the reactor. The operating pressure of the reactor or a vacuum can be used to draw up the product. The flow up of the product is shown at the sight glas. Only a single 180° turn of the handle is necessary to extract the cylinder. The cylinder volume is filled pressureless into the bottle and the bottleair vents into the cylinder.


top reactor fixed volume sampler

Top reactor fixed volume sampler